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oh let the summer begin [May. 16th, 2007|03:46 pm]
[mood |complacentcomplacent]

so i'm home in G-town til the 26th, then i move into my apartment!!! until then, i'd like to get around to seeing everyone and chilling and being awesome. so everyone by this point in life should know my cell number, so i will hopefully get a lot of calls.

pizza hut sucks balls. 'nuff said.

Stan Lee is a God.

i miss laura a whole ton. i'll get to see her a couple times before we move into our apartment, but until then there's nothing to do but beat Resident Evil 4 for the 100th time.

i'm fucking hungry.

library's closing, and i gotta go to work. peace.
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Updates Are Fun [Jan. 22nd, 2007|08:25 pm]
so i went on christmas break, and had no internet. and yet i made it back to school completely sane! so yeah, break was fun, i worked a lot, spent time with laura, hung out with my boys, and that was pretty much it. oh, and i was sick as hell too, apparently i had an upper respiratory infection. it was fun, and by fun i mean, i would go over to laura's and pass out because i was so messed up. it was cute though, cause she's amazing and took care of me. work was cool too, i guess, cause i got a ton of hours, plus some holiday pay.

But some other bad stuff happend, which sucked. like laura got wicked bad kidney stones and scared the piss outta me. i was driving her home, and the car i was driving had awesome bench seats, so she was sleeping on me... then just started convulsing and groaning in horrible pain. and i was so scared, we called her parents and they told me to take her to the ER. the ER was pretty funny though, cause when i got in after parking, they were like "are you matt? ok, come on back now!" but when her parents got there, they come in the room and are like "hey, is it ok if your parents come in?" we both still laugh about that.

that was the worse of it, but come new year's, me and laura went to a party at our friends place, and it was a good night, until i had a god damn maple syrup jell-o shot. no, it wasn't actually maple syrup, but it was a shitty one and i was really drunk and when i went to take it, it smelled like maple syrup, and i bitched about it but took it anyway. 10 minutes later i'm outside puking 3 feet out and it sucked. and it was only like 10 or so.

but yeah, overall i had a great break, loved seeing everyone, glad to be back at edinboro, ESPECIALLY!!! since laura transferred up here, so now i get to see her all the time instead of every weekend :-D huzzah!
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weird.... maybe? [Nov. 14th, 2006|09:59 pm]
so, about 80-85% of my life is pretty shitty right now. that's a pretty big number. from my life's experience, most people would crack under a situation like this. and for some reason i haven't. i dunno how that's possible really. like i've always been ok with dealing with stress and such, but even i know that i should probably be panicking right now. but then i think about the other 15-20% of my life... that's pretty amazing. me and my friends still manage to crack eachother up everyday, i have an amazingly awesome girlfriend... maybe that's all you really need in life to be happy. good company. it may not solve all the other BS that i have going on right now, but it makes it a lot easier to get through.
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Been awhile [Nov. 9th, 2006|01:46 am]
so other than the awesome halloween post i had, it's been way too long since i posted something. so i'll try and update as best i can.

back to school in edinboro. awesome old faces, new ones to get to know. i love it. these people here are redonkulously awesome. living on the same floor with practically all the cool kids is awesome. we fuck shit up, and no one cares. well they do, but they can't stop us. cause we're awesome.

october's always a fun month. my birthday is on the 6th, and it was awesome. my mom made me an awesome dinner for me and all my friends. my friends got me a shitload of alcohol. it was great. and random people kept showing up to the drinking party. i had fun.

october 14th was a great and sad day for erie punk rock. one of the greatest live bands i've ever seen called it a day. The Code, if you don't know them, go out and learn. their music is amazing, great songs, great message. and to top it off, these boys came from where i went to high school. awesome cool guys, i usually run into them when they come home, hung out on occassion, cause everyone loves a grilled cheese at 2:30 in the AM :-D hahaha. but yeah, it was good to see everyone there. there should have been more people there. but there were some people there i didn't expect to see either. so many familiar faces, it was great to get to see them again, and on such a great occasion. The Code rocked the house so fucking hard! i've seen them over 20 times, and they out did themseleves like no man's business. it was just amazing. especially when everyone got on stage for Unity(if you don't know that song, it's by an even greater band, Operation Ivy, go educate yourself now). they've done it before, but it was just different this time around. i got to rock with beau cause he's awesome, and he fell on me :-D we're kick ass like that. i sang for awhile, but then all the crazy kids took over the mic. that's cool. i stayed on stage for their last song, and just was awesome, then hugged them all.

at one point during the show, i ran into laura. who is awesome and i haven't seen her in forever. that's probably due to the fact that she goes to IUP, but yeah, we BS'd and stuff, she had some extra pictures that she let me use, so that makes her just that much more awesome. and yeah, i invited her out to the boro to go see a friend of ours that i know she loves. it was awesome. then she crashed at my place for the night, it was cool.

the following weekend laura came home again, so i invited her to come out to my friend's party. and she did. it was fun, but everyone started puking and crying and shit. that was gay. so we left. came back to my place and watched Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. it was awesome. and we definately ended up sleeping on my roommates bed :-D it's ok he was home for the weekend, hahaha. but it was awesome and made me smile. cause she's cute.

then saturday night, her and i got drunk, but at way different parties, and we were talking online, so i definately asked her out to a movie, cause i work at the theater and it's free, and she's cute. then we were gonna go to haunted houses, but she started freaking out. i tried to take her to some haunted places in my town, but i forgot how to get to them :( oh well. we ended up going to john's pizza, and it was delicious minus the napkins i inadvertantly got on some of the pizza.

so yeah, the end of this date gets a whole paragraph to itself, cause that's how awesome/crappy it was. so we get back to her place, and i hop out to take her to the door. the temperature immediately drops like 10 fucking degrees and the wind picks up like hell. it was so cold. but yeah, so we get to the door, and you know how there's supposed to be like that awkward, cheesy 2-minute conversation before the kiss? yeah, that got shot down to like 30 seconds. and yeah, i totally fucked up the kiss. it was horrible, i was ashamed she had to endure it. i was stupid.

doesn't matter though, cause i went down to IUP to see her the next weekend. and it was awesome. it was freezing cold, but we just stayed in her room which was nice and toasty and watched movies, and talked, and cuddled, and it was great. and i definately made up for that shitty kiss the weekend before. sadly, i had to leave early the next day, cause a friend of mine came down with me to see her friend, and that sucked. but we did stop at Jersey Mike's Subs, and that was amazing.

then yeah, she came home the weekend after that, but my van died on me at work, and i wasn't able to see her friday night. which really sucked, cause work sucked. however, saturday my roommate was awesome enough to take me out to her place after work and bring us back for the night. it was fun, we got drunk and talked and made out... a lot. she's amazing, that's why we're dating now :-D

and as far as my van is concerned, it's dead. no more awesome Land Pirate, punk rock adventures. soon enough, i'm gonna have a party out in the middle of no where and there will be a proper destruction demo for my van, it'll be awesome.

so yeah, that's what's been happening in my life. have a good one.
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Happy Halloween! [Oct. 31st, 2006|02:26 pm]
Bonfires burning bright pumpkin faces in the night i remember halloween dead cats hanging from poles little dead are out in droves i remember halloween brown leaved vertigo where skeletal life is known i remember halloween this day anything goes burning bodies hanging from poles i remember halloween halloween, halloween, halloween, halloween candy apples and razor blades little dead are soon in graves i remember halloween this day anything goes burning bodies hanging from poles i remember halloween, halloween, halloween, halloween halloween, halloween, halloween, halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!
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The Greatest Journey is the One That Brings You Home [Aug. 22nd, 2006|09:56 am]
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so my last entry was all about my apprehensions of going to Michigan for the NASCAR race with my family. well my preminitions turned out to be true. i'll admit, it was better than expected, but it's still the dumbest thing i've ever seen in my life. maybe if the races weren't 100+ laps, i could get into, but fuck that. i had fun being with my family and stuff, ya know, it's not like i hated being there with them. but i wanted nothing to do with NASCAR. but no matter what, my brothers dragged me into NASCAR shit. gay as hell. plus all the walking around. i know it sounds lazy, but if i'm not into it, i don't wanna do it. and don't even get me started with all the fucking rednecks. oh my god. i have nothing against rednecks, but jesus christ, they're some of the most annoying people on earth!

well on to the real part of the story. so i was just real tense the entire time. i really just did not wanna be so far from home at this point in time. and i told everyone there, i don't really like NASCAR and i don't really wanna be here. everyone kept bitching at me about being with family, and just have a good time. well fuck off, i love being with my family, but not in an uncomfortable situation like this one, and i can't have a good time if i don't have anything i like around (other than my family, cock stains). but i dealt with it the best that i could, and i did have fun being with my family. however, the overall atmosphere just drove me insane. everyone knows i like a good party, but not 24/7. there were people there that were piss drunk THE ENTIRE FUCKING TIME. that's just a waste. i can't deal with that. that's the kind of people that drink that drive me nuts.

well sunday morning rolls around, i was drinking the night before, woke up way to early, and everyone wanted me to do everything. anytime i got a chance to sit down, some one came around and was like "hey matt, go do this". and that was just pissing me off. then the real clincher was when i got up to go to the store with my sister, i smashed my head off of something, i don't really remember. now you have to realize, i have this thing about hitting my head. it's gotta be my biggest pet-peeve, because i just go insane. well, i got pretty pissed here, and i flipped out on my sister and i told her to take me to the bus station (i planned ahead :-D) and she got all pissy about it and wouldn't take me. well i was over the edge, nothing was getting in my way at this point. so i gathered up all my things in my one bag, asked one last time if some one would really take me to the bus station, and they got in my face about it. so i just left. my asshole brother-in-law told me to have a nice trip. fuck them, if they weren't gonna help me, i'd do it on my own.

now the fun begins

when i talked to the lady at the camp store, she told me the bus station was only like a mile away or something. so i got the directions, and started walking. well about 2 miles down the highway, i decided to stop and ask a side vendor where i was going. and he was like "...yeah, the nearest washington st. (where the bus depot was at) is like 20 miles away" well luckily this guy was awesome and he helped me find a taxi and all that good stuff to get up there. the taxi was fucking $100 because of the race, but the guy had fucking wal-mart spinners on his cab! you can believe me or not, he fucking had them. and that makes him awesome. but he was real cool, and he even took me to the bus station for no charge (the trip was only supposed to be to the taxi station) so he's cool. his name was bill.

so i get to the station, and some guy helps me find the 800 number to get my ticket, cause wouldn't you know it, the terminal was closed. so i got that all situated and just had to wait for my bus to show up. so i killed the time by calling everyone and telling them my story. just about everyone was amazed, and didn't doubt i was pulling this off. and about 10 minutes before my bus came, A MOTHER FUCKING PIMP!!!! rolls up in a busted ass caddy, he steps out in a full purple polyester suit, purple leather shoes, and a white pimp hat. i was on the phone with my buddy eimers and i looked over and saw him and was like "...OOO!!!! eimers... holy shit... (whisper) dude there's a fucking pimp here!!!" oh my god, it was amazing, and he seriously looked like a real life A Pimp Named Slickback (you don't know who that is, find out)

so my bus finally came, and my journey home officially began. i dunno what it was, but driving around on the bus was just amazing. going in and out of little towns, big citys, it was just amazing. i saw a crazy black guy dancing in a field, i saw like swahili priests (i don't know the name of the religion off hand). just the overall feeling of knowing i was making it home was amazing, and the sites were just fueling my high. like this felt so good, that unless there's a ridiculously good circumstance, i'm giving up pot.

you wanna know what it's like to be alive? fucking go off, have no clue where you're going, get there, and when you're on your way back home... that's when you know you're alive. and when you're watching the highway signs saying you're just 10 miles away from home, you let those fucking tears come. this was by far the greatest thing i've ever done with my life, and i don't regret a minute of it. my family will probably be pissed at me for awhile. but i don't care. if they really cared about my like family should, they would've realized i was miserable and helped me out. i may not have went around the situation the best possible way, but i did what i could. and i made it home.
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GAY! [Aug. 18th, 2006|05:34 am]
so my family goes to the NASCAR race in michigan every year, and every year i've been able to get out of going because something a bit more important, or i was just persistant enough to get out of it. well apparently this is gonna be the last year they go to it, so everyone in my family that goes to this has been on my ass about going. so i said fine, whatev. well then i found out i requested the wrong weekend off to go, and they scheduled me to work every single day this weekend. now that pisses me off because A)they haven't given me that much time in FOREVER! and 2. i really need the money. granted my ticket is paid for and my brother said he'd give me any extra money i needed. but fucking A, i could be making more money on my own and be home having a better weekend. not to mention my friend just called me at 5am freaking out because of certain things i will leave anonymous, but let's just say i feel really bad for her right now cause she sounded like she just needed to get the fuck out. and i'd rather be around to go get her, if need be. because i would in a heartbeat. cause i love her.but now, i'll be stuck in michigan, all weekend. i swear to god, if she calls me up in tears again, i'm taking the little money i do have and getting a bus ticket home. i'll be damned if i'm gonna let one of my friends, let alone a good friend, let alone a good girl-friend, that i really really like, be left in a shitty situation. especially if i'm going against my own will. fuck that. good morning.
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Stupid Bitches [Aug. 13th, 2006|11:17 am]
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[mood |pissed offpissed off]
[music |Streetlight Manifesto "Point/CounterPoint/Keasby Nights"]

alright, i'm fucking tired of all you little teeny boppin' whores that think you're all cool because you know punk rock or ska kids. then when you get to the show you think you're even cooler cause you're in the pit. but heaven forbid some one get pushed into you and cause you to break a nail or something. if you're gonna get into the pit, i'm all for it. but don't start bitching because you're getting pushed around. or if you're up front near the stage, don't fucking force yourself to get pushed through. it just pisses people off. if you can't deal with a bunch of sweaty people all around you, then get the fuck out. don't start bitching at me cause one of your little friends is tired of a big fat kid getting pushed on her. now i can't speak for everyone, but i know when i'm at the show and there are girls around me i try to watch myself to make sure i don't hurt anyone. BUT!!!! when there's fucking 300 people pushing from behind, you're gonna get slammed a bit. especially if you're in the actual pit area, just refer to a very awesome Reel Big Fish song: "when i'm in the pit, i'm gonna punch and kick. yeah when i'm in the pit, don't you know that i'm gonna fuck up shit!". so yeah, if anyone has a problem with any of this, just come talk to me about it, i'll call you an idiot and kick you in the head. good day.
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Cups [Aug. 12th, 2006|02:03 am]
yeah, so me and my buddies decided our friend charlie needed a welcome home present from his vacation. we decided the perfect gift would be 1000 picnic cups filled with water :-D oh yeah, there is only about 2 square feet of space for his door to open, everything else, EVERY FLAT, STABLE SURFACE has a cup of water on it, and just to make it a little fun, we put some yellow food coloring in about 50 of them. we're not assholes, we're just good friends.
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(no subject) [Jul. 14th, 2006|11:26 am]

so there was a Vanilla Ice block party last night, and it was fucking ridiculous. and if you missed it, it is both a good and bad thing. honestly, how often can some one say they've been to a block party starring Vanilla Ice?
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